Why choose Townsend Realty Group to be your Buyer’s or Seller’s Agent? For most families, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. As you might imagine, there are many complicated steps involved in any real estate transaction these days. To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible and informed decisions, it’s important that you have an agent on your side who is an expert in the local real estate market. As your agent, our focus is helping you find the best possible home at the best possible price if you are buying. Or, if you are selling, to help you market your property to get the best possible price within the shortest amount of time. Whether you are buying or selling, we will work hard to keep you informed of everything that takes place. As your agent and a top expert in the local market, our goal will be to negotiate the best prices and terms for you and answer all your questions as they arise. We will be representing you, which assures that we will be working in your best interests throughout the entire negotiation process. So, as your agent, we pledge to:

  1. Guide and walk with you through the entire home-buying or selling process. This includes, but not limited to, pre-qualifying for a loan, searching for properties, negotiating deals, navigating inspections, and completing the sale at closing.
  2. Help you avoid costly mistakes because we help people negotiate and help people make informed decisions every day.
  3. Assure that you see all the available homes in your property search area that meet your defined criteria. (Some firms actually steer you to their listings first.)
  4. Answer your questions in a prompt and professional manner.
  5. Place your interest above all else.
  6. Let us help you find your dream home and assure your best interests are protected throughout the entire process.

Feel free to call 704.614.1474 or e-mail jim@townsendrealtygroup with any questions you may have at any time.